This week’s Beyond The Grid guest Logan Sargeant has timed his debut in F1 perfectly – a sport where timing is everything. With F1 booming in the US – and three Grands Prix taking place Stateside – fans have plenty of opportunities to cheer on their new home favourite.

    Sargeant is one of three rookies racing in F1 in 2023 after his fourth-placed finish in last year’s Formula 2 championship secured his Super Licence and seat at Williams.

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    In this Beyond The Grid episode the 22-year-old tells host Tom Clarkson how the reality of Formula 1 compares to the dream of racing in F1, and explains just what he’s learned so far as he begins a career that promises so much.

    Sargeant also reflects on his journey up to this point, from leaving the US at the age of 12, to competing with fellow rookie Oscar Piastri for the Formula 3 title in 2020.

    The US racer goes on to talk about his relationships with McLaren’s Piastri, as well as his current team mate Alex Albon, and why his mentality will have to be stronger than ever if he is to succeed.

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    He also explains just what it feels like to be racing some of his idols in the sport, and much more.

    To hear Sargeant’s Beyond The Grid interview, hit go on the player above or head here to catch it on your preferred platform.