GALLERY: Leclerc and Vettel pay tribute to Ferrari heroes with special 1,000th GP helmets

    For Ferrari's 1,000th Grand Prix at Mugello, not only have the team unveiled a retro burgundy livery, but Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel have special helmet designs for the race that showcase the history of the Scuderia.

    It's Ferrari's local track, adorned with the tricolore, and what better way to celebrate 1,000 World Championship Grands Prix than by remembering the greatest drivers and cars ever to compete in rosso corsa?

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    We've already seen that eye-catching burgundy livery on track but Leclerc and Vettel have gone one step further with new helmet dsigns. Above, you can see Leclerc's helmet, adorned with all 15 drivers' championship-winning cars, and drivers including Michael Schumacher, John Surtees and Niki Lauda.

    Vettel has also gone for a helmet that celebrates old and new, featuring technical drawings of Ferrari's very first F1 World Championship-contending car – the 125 that competed in 1950 – and the latest one, the 2020 SF1000. View Vettel's Mugello helmet in the gallery below.