Christian Horner has expressed full confidence that Adrian Newey’s long-term future will lie with Red Bull, shutting down any talk that the team’s Chief Technical Officer could be on the move to a rival outfit.

    F1 design guru Newey joined Red Bull ahead of the 2006 season – following highly-successful stints with Williams and McLaren – and played a key role in the team rising from midfield runners to title winners.

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    Indeed, Newey’s designs have yielded five constructors’ championships and six drivers’ crowns for Red Bull so far, including a run of title doubles from 2010 to 2013, and another brace in 2022.

    Newey and his notebook have been a feature at race weekends for many years

    Meanwhile, Newey been taking on additional projects through the Red Bull Advanced Technologies division, dovetailing his F1 efforts with an attempt at the America’s Cup sailing competition and the creation of the upcoming RB17 hypercar.

    Speaking to Sky Sports News about Newey’s future, Horner said: “His heart is still very much in Formula 1 and his commitment to the team is… It’s not something… We don’t talk about contracts or longevity of contracts, but he’ll be here for many years to come.

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    “He’s such an important part of our team and popular part of our team. It’s great to have him with us for the long-term, but also to be involved in projects like some of the things that we’re now getting involved in.”

    Adrian Newey’s most successful F1 car designs

    Car Season Wins Win %
    Red Bull RB19 2023* 3 / 3 100
    Red Bull RB18 2022 17 / 22 77.27
    Williams FW18 1996 12 / 16 75
    Red Bull RB9 2013 13 / 19 68.42
    Red Bull RB7 2011 12 / 19 63.15
    Williams FW15C 1993 10 / 16 62.5
    Williams FW14B 1992 10 / 16 62.5
    McLaren MP4/13 1998 9 / 16 56.25
    McLaren MP4-20 2005 10 / 19 52.63
    Red Bull RB16B 2021 11 / 22 50
    Red Bull RB6 2010 9 / 19 47.36
    *Season ongoing

    Asked if he raises a smile when he hears speculation over Newey’s future, Horner added: “There’s always going to be rumours in this paddock, and that’s Formula 1.”

    Red Bull have won all three races so far this season and sit 58 points clear of nearest rivals Aston Martin in the constructors’ standings, while Max Verstappen leads team mate Sergio Perez by 15 points in the drivers’ battle.