You can't be watching social media all the time, so let us help you catch up on some moments you may have missed over the Singapore Grand Prix weekend...

    Singapore sightseeing

    Not the most professional camera work, but we can't wait to find out the 'weird things' Alex Albon had to touch!

    Hip helmets

    All drivers love to sparkle under the Singapore floodlights, but Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg went the extra mile...

    Thinking of Correa

    Like those of many in the paddock, Sergio Perez's thoughts were with F2 racer Juan Manuel Correa, who continues his fight for recovery after his shocking crash in Belgium in August.

    It's a girl!

    Sergio gains another team mate - our best wishes to the growing Perez family!

    It seemed a good idea at the time

    Why the satisfied grin Romain? Because you've got a new contract for 2020, or because you can't wait to see this fan honour their bet?

    Nordic summit

    Swedish they may be, but Swedish House Mafia got to meet two Finnish legends of F1 past and present in Singapore, as they hung our with 1998 and 1999 champion Mika Hakkinen and Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas.

    KMag's mitts

    Continuing the Scandinavian theme, this young Danish fan was lucky enough to leave Singapore with a pair of compatriot Kevin Magnussen's gloves (despite apparently supporting Alfa Romeo!)

    Very a-Museing

    He may be frontman to one of the world's biggest rock bands, but that doesn't make Matt Bellamy immune to the humour of F1's social media team...

    Ham 'n' Zimmer

    Five-time world champion meets legendary film score composer - F1 fans will have heard his work on Rush.

    Oh, the glamour...

    Looks like the budget had run out by the time teams remembered ice baths for their drivers in Singapore. The Red Bull boys even had to share! Points at least to McLaren and Williams for using appropriate team colours.


    Even Lewis Hamilton's legendary reactions couldn't avoid this 'shunt' - but one battered phone quickly became one priceless F1 memento!

    Loving that lead

    It may not have lasted long, but you can't blame Alfa Romeo for celebrating Antonio Giovinazzi heading the field - the last time they had the opportunity was back in 1983!