Hard to believe, but Tuesday sees Sir Jackie Stewart celebrate his 80th birthday. To mark the occasion we invite you to learn a little more about the great man and his career, revisit his – and arguably F1’s – finest drive, and listen to the three-time world champion reminisce about a truly remarkable life in Formula 1, on and off the track…

    The Legend – and F1 Hall of Famer

    His outstanding track record still ranks him among the most successful champions, yet in terms of personally influencing the way Formula 1 racing developed, Jackie Stewart stands alone. His one-man safety crusade made the sport much safer. His excellent communication skills helped make it more popular. He set new standards of professionalism for drivers and was also a pioneer in exploiting Formula 1 racing's commercial potential. His keen intelligence and tireless energy helped – but he would never have been able to exert such influence had he not been a truly great driver…

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    The F1 drivers wish Sir Jackie Stewart a Happy 80th Birthday

    His greatest drive - conquering The Green Hell

    In our recent series on F1’s finest drives, Jackie Stewart was the man filling the number-one spot. Veteran F1 journalist David Tremayne recalls Jackie Stewart’s courageous and dominant win at the Nurburgring in 1968, a victory that came in the wake of several high-profile deaths – not least Stewart’s compatriot and friend Jim Clark…

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    Top 5: Jackie Stewart's greatest F1 wins

    And the man himself – Beyond the Grid

    When Sir Jackie appeared on the Official F1 Podcast, Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose, the icon of late Sixties and early Seventies F1 racing was firing on all cylinders, so get ready for stories of flat-sharing with fellow champ Jim Clark, his view on what made him so successful, the perils and mind-set of racing in F1’s ‘killer years’, and why he eventually founded a Grand Prix-winning F1 team of his own. To listen, enjoy it in the player below, or subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.