One of the (admittedly less important) issues facing many people who are currently isolating at home is not being able to get a haircut. But this is a problem Lando Norris is no longer facing after he shaved his head live on his Twitch channel on Thursday evening.

    The McLaren star is an ardent gamer and often spends hours at a time on racing sims, usually broadcasting his exploits on his Twitch channel.

    And last weekend he took part in Twitch’s ‘Stream Aid’ event when he played F1 2019, Rocket League and iRacing to gather donations for the COVID-19 Solidarity Respond Fund. He promised his fans that he would shave his head if they raised more than than $10,000 – a target they surpassed by $2,000.

    They delivered, so Lando ordered a set of clippers and on Thursday evening – after some stalling – he set them loose on his hair.

    And his verdict? "It feels so weird!" he said after completing the self-shave.

    His Williams rival George Russell was on hand to give Norris a backhanded compliment.

    "Firstly – incredible." Russell told Sky Sports F1. "But to be honest if I had hair as bad as that I'd probably shave it off as well. Fair play to him."

    Meanwhile Norris and his McLaren team mate Carlos Sainz have taken a voluntary pay cut after the team were forced to place some staff on furlough, following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

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