As part of an incredible PR stunt at the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix, the Jaguar team raced with $300,000 diamonds embedded into the nosecones of their two cars. But there was one problem: On the opening lap of the race, Christian Klien crashed and the diamond from his car went missing…

    Lost? Stolen? Real? Fake? The jewel’s fate has been a mystery for 17 years. But on the eve of this year’s race in the Principality a new podcast documentary revisits the episode and attempts to get to the bottom of what really happened.

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    Through new, exclusive interviews with Klien, the publicity genius behind the stunt, Jaguar’s team boss, a key photographer and a reporter at the centre of this incredible story, F1 On The Edge joins the search for the lost stone to uncover what exactly happened that day in Monaco.

    You can enjoy a sneak peak of the documentary in the video above. The full episode is available to listen to now - completely for free - exclusively on Spotify by clicking here.