Logan Sargeant has pinpointed what he believes is his strongest attribute as a racing driver, as he prepares to take the next step in his motorsport career by joining the Formula 1 grid.

    Sargeant secured an F1 promotion with Williams having spent 2022 racing in Formula 2 – a year in which he took two pole positions, two wins and two further podiums en route to fourth in the standings.

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    After a busy winter preparing for the step up, the 22-year-old was on hand for the launch of the 2023 Williams livery, where he faced questions from the media about his characteristics as a person and as a racer – and how he would describe himself to fans.

    “I think I would describe myself as someone who has put in a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice,” said Sargeant, who prior to F2 finished third in F3 and claimed a podium finish at the prestigious Macau Grand Prix.

    “I moved to Europe at a young age to make this work and make this happen. Without going into too much detail, [I] just really… gave up a lot to have this opportunity, and I feel like I had a good junior career.”

    Sargeant steps up to F1 as a race winner in F2 and F3

    Pushed on what he feels he is particularly ‘good at’ behind the wheel, Sargeant continued: “I hope a bit of everything! But to be honest, I feel like qualifying is my bread and butter.

    “It’s always been my favourite point of the weekend, when the car’s light, the new tyres are on and it’s just a chance to lay it all on the line and give it absolutely everything.

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    “I would say that’s probably my biggest strength, that’s what I’ve always enjoyed the most, so I would probably start there.”

    As for what he expects from the season ahead, Sargeant was reluctant to offer up any specific targets or timeframes – instead vowing to give it his all and take things as they come.

    Logan Sargeant_Front
    Sargeant gets suited and booted in Williams colours

    “There’s definitely no point putting a numerical position on it,” added Sargeant, who will become America’s first F1 driver since Alexander Rossi in 2015.

    “I think, at the end of the day, I need to come into the season willing to learn as much as I can, be open, be adaptable, and ultimately, that’s how I’m going to eventually get the most performance I can out of the car.

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    “Obviously, ideally [I want] to be on top of it as soon as possible, if not immediately, and go from there. I don’t want to put a date on it or anything. I’m fast-tracking as much as I can.”

    Sargeant will spend his rookie F1 season alongside Alex Albon, with the new team mates facing the task of lifting Williams off the foot of the F1 constructors’ standings.