While the on-track action may dominate in F1, it’s the people in charge of the teams – Formula 1’s team principals – who are responsible for running the ship, rallying the troops and being the public mouthpieces of their squad.

    The Formula 1 paddock has been described as the “shark tank” – and it’s the team principals’ job to navigate the waters, as they selfishly pursue the optimum course for their team, while simultaneously gunning for World Championship glory.

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    That’s not without its challenges, though. So, to find out a little bit more about how these team bosses tick, click on the video above to watch F1 Team Bosses: Unscripted, and find out which team principal describes his drivers as “little traumatised kids”, discover who they’d pick as their dream third driver – and find out which team principals know what their teams are really called (you’ll be surprised)...