Red Bull Racing were seen as the party team when they first entered the F1 paddock in 2005. But eight World Championships, 72 pole positions and 73 victories later, they've proved they're dead serious when it comes to racing...

    Rising out of the ashes of the Jaguar team, Red Bull showed they meant business early doors, luring proven race winner David Coulthard to the team for their first season – while they would also tempt F1’s top designer Adrian Newey to join them from McLaren.

    Within five seasons, Red Bull had become race winners. Within six, they’d taken a drivers’ title with Sebastian Vettel, and their first constructors’ triumph too.

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    Following that sensational 2010 season, three more years of domination would follow from the team – while with Max Verstappen now in contention to claim his maiden drivers’ championship, Red Bull are right back where they feel they deserve to be.

    Check out the origins of one of the great F1 success stories in the video above.