Antonio Giovinazzi saw his chance of scoring points in last weekend's Spanish Grand Prix disappear, after a pit stop disaster meant he was stationary for well over half a minute as his crew struggled to find him a set of serviceable tyres for his Alfa Romeo.

    It turned out that one of the tyres they had ready for him was flat when they tried to fit it, sparking a panic among the pit crew as they scrambled to find a new set.

    But Giovinazzi is far from the first F1 driver to have to sit waiting in his car while the mechanics rush around him in a frenzy, after something trips up their usually faultless pit routine. Hit play in the video above to see some of the most famous examples of pit stop confusion, from Eddie Irvine's disastrous stop at the Nurburgring in 1999 – which Murray Walker brilliantly described as "a major mal-mis-organisation problem" – to Lewis Hamilton's long, long stop at Hockenheim in 2019, and plenty more in between.

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