Everyone involved in Formula 1, and every fan around the world, was heartened to see Romain Grosjean back in the paddock on Thursday, less than a week after his horrific crash in last Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix.

    The Haas driver was still wearing bandages on his hands as his burns continue to heal, but otherwise he was looking remarkably healthy and happy for a man who had been at the centre of one of the most shocking accidents in recent F1 history.

    GROSJEAN SPEAKS: On how he escaped fiery crash, his secret injury, whether he'll race again – and more

    So how did he come out of it with relatively minor injuries? And what happens now as the FIA begin their investigation to the crash? In the video above, Will Buxton looks at the incredible safety advances made over the years that helped Grosjean, and explores what lessons might be learned from his accident.