WATCH: Why are sensors so crucial to tyre management? Tech expert Craig Scarborough explains all

    Formula 1 teams are constantly trying to keep their tyres at the perfect temperature in order to prevent them from either losing grip or degrading quickly – and to help with this they use sensors. To learn more about how these tyre sensors work, you can watch an excerpt from the latest instalment of F1 TV’s Tech Talk in the video player above.

    Tech expert Craig Scarborough explains how the teams use sensors in each of their cars’ four tyres to measure the temperature of the rubber, the temperature of the air, the air pressure and much more.

    He also explains why, from a performance, legal and safety point of view, it’s so crucial that teams use these sensors – and explains why teams sometimes end up with as many as three sensors on each tyre.

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    Click on the video player above to get a quick lesson about the importance of tyre sensors from F1 TV’s Tech Talk – and click here to check out F1 TV for more fantastic tech content.