Braking Performance first of six new F1 Insights Powered by AWS graphics set to debut in 2021


Formula 1 and AWS have announced a raft of six new F1 Insights Powered by AWS graphics set to debut throughout the 2021 F1 season, designed to give fans an even greater insight into the action happening on track.

The first of the six will be the Braking Performance graphic, due to appear on screens at this weekend's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

While F1 fans have become used to seeing previous braking graphics showing when drivers hit the brakes and how much pressure they apply, the new AWS Insight will take fans even deeper into the black art of braking performance in Formula 1, showing the braking points for each driver, the speed the drivers are travelling at when they hit the anchors, which drivers brake the hardest, the speed decrease difference between different drivers and the maximum g-forces generated.

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AWS Braking

Fans will be able to compare the braking performance of different drivers

Meanwhile, following on from the arrival of the Braking Performance Insight, there will be an additional five graphics rolled out throughout 2021, making a total of 18 F1 Insights Powered by AWS graphics that F1 fans will be able to enjoy by the end of this year.

Those five additional graphics set to debut in 2021 are:

Car Exploitation

Debuting at the Canadian Grand Prix on June 11-13, the Car Exploitation graphic will show fans when F1 drivers are pushing their cars to the limit in areas like tyre traction, braking, acceleration and manoeuvring, by comparing a car’s current performance in real-time against its theoretical performance limit, and calculating the relative time gained or lost per lap.

Energy Usage

Set to hit screens at the British Grand Prix on July 16-18, the Energy Usage graphic will provide insights into how the cars’ power units are using energy throughout the race, including when teams unleash extra electrical energy to allow their driver to attempt an overtake on a rival, as well as how much battery energy is left at any given moment.

Start Analysis

Debuting at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza on September 10-12, Start Analysis will show which drivers had the best reaction when the five lights went out and racing got under way.

Pitlane Performance

Arriving in time for the Japanese Grand Prix on October 8-10, the Pitlane Performance graphic will analyse the teams’ pit stops, highlighting total pitlane time lost or gained due to how efficiently the team and driver work.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Alpine F1 Team A521 makes a pit stop.
Bahrain Grand Prix, Sunday 28th March

The Pitlane Performance Insight will analyse how much time a driver gains or loses in a pit stop

Undercut Threat

Debuting at the Australian Grand Prix on November 19-21, the Undercut Threat graphic will help fans anticipate which cars are at risk of being overtaken as the result of an ‘undercut’ – where a driver pits earlier than the rival ahead of them, before attempting to use the extra speed from their fresh rubber to move ahead of the rival after they’ve pitted. The Undercut Threat graphic will show the gaps between the cars, as well as the average pit stop loss time and tyre performance to help identify cars that are at risk of being undercut.

Speaking of the new graphics, F1’s Director of Data Systems Rob Smedley said: “F1 Insights Powered by AWS give fans an insider’s view of how car, driver, and team function together so that they can better appreciate the action on the track.

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“With this new set of racing statistics for 2021, we are going deeper than ever before. New Insights like Braking Performance and Undercut Threat peel back additional layers of race strategies and performance and use advanced visualizations to make the sport of racing even more understandable and exciting. Race car technology improves all the time, and thanks to AWS, our fans can appreciate how that technology impacts race outcomes.”

Keep your eyes peeled over the 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weekend as the Braking Performance Insight makes its bow.


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