F1 Fantasy tips for the Mexico City Grand Prix: Should you back the Bulls for Perez's home race?

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Mexico City is the next venue in this epic championship fight, and with five races remaining, it’s time to talk F1 Fantasy strategies – with an emphasis on Red Bull.

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Who should you buy for the 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix?

Last time out Max Verstappen took his first United States Grand Prix triumph, while the Team of the Week included Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Perez, Lando Norris, and George Russell – with Red Bull the constructors – for a total of 266 points (without use of the Wildcard).

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This time around, it’s wise to make a couple of changes as Bottas is no longer on a streak. And, as this is Red Bull territory – according to our Form Guide – it might well be worth having Verstappen ($25.6m), home hero Perez ($18.4m) and Red Bull ($26.5m) as your constructors.

Furthermore, Perez and Lando Norris ($14.2m) are the two drivers on qualifying streaks this weekend, meaning they’ll get five bonus points if they qualify in the top 10 in Mexico.


Norris is on a qualifying streak in Mexico. He qualified eighth here in 2019.

Back those purchases up with Pierre Gasly of AlphaTauri ($11.9m) as his Honda engine could serve him well, and Williams’ George Russell ($6.3m), and you could have a healthy haul on your hands.

If you haven’t yet played your Wildcard, it may be wise to wait until Brazil to unleash it. That’s because Verstappen (and Lewis Hamilton) could reach a race streak there and net 10 extra points with respective top-10 finishes, provided they finish in the top 10 in Mexico City.

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