F1 Fantasy tips for the Monaco Grand Prix: Should you buy Ferrari before Leclerc’s home race?

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The Monaco Grand Prix is back for the first time since 2019 so it's time to look at tips for your Fantasy team – plus check out your chance to win a signed Mercedes team cap in a new Mini League…

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Win a signed Mercedes cap

The Street Circuit League is here and the prize for the winner is a signed Mercedes cap!

It spans Monaco, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Australia and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix too – so it really is a slow burner – and you can join using the code e1d8b2e5dd, or by clicking here. Get involved now to be in with a chance of winning that cap!

Who is on a streak in Monaco – and who should I buy?

When making transfers for the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s important to bear in mind that streaks will give you extra points. If you need a reminder of how streaks work, they’re bonus points given to a driver who achieves five consecutive top 10 race finishes or five consecutive top 10 race qualifications.

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Currently set to cash in a double race and qualifying streak ahead of Monaco are Lewis Hamilton ($33.3m), Charles Leclerc ($18.1m), Max Verstappen ($25.4m), and Lando Norris ($13.9m).

Daniel Ricciardo ($16.2m) is on the verge of a race streak (10 extra points), while Valtteri Bottas ($23.2m) can achieve a qualifying streak (five extra points). As for constructors, Red Bull and Mercedes are the teams on streaks ahead of the Monaco GP.


Are Ferrari the team to buy for the Monaco GP? They could score 5 extra points if both drivers qualify in the top 10, thanks to a streak

But when it comes to form, the best team so far is: Verstappen, Norris, Leclerc, Pierre Gasly ($11.5m), and Carlos Sainz ($14.3m) – with McLaren ($18.9m) as the constructors. That said, Ferrari ($18.7m) might be favourites over McLaren at Monaco - especially after their highly impressive pace in Thursday practice.

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You should consider making either Norris or Sainz your Turbo Driver this week. And, as for your Mega Driver powerup, you may want to put it on Hamilton or Verstappen this weekend with those 15 extra points up for grabs.

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