FORMULA WHY: The reasons why Formula 1 drivers need to have elite levels of fitness


To race at the speeds that they do Formula 1 drivers need to be incredibly fit – but just how fit do they need to be? Well on the latest episode of F1’s brand-new podcast Formula Why, the gang explore that very question.

The podcast, which is hosted by Katie Osborne and Christian Hewgill, will see the pair answering ‘why?’ questions each week, with the aim to give fans more knowledge about how Formula 1 works.

This week, their challenge is to find out why Formula 1 drivers need to have elite levels of fitness, and to help with that they are joined by an esteemed group of guests who know a thing or two about the topic.

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The duo are joined by Motorsport scientist Dr Diandra Leslie Pelecky, who explores the "extremes" F1 drivers experience. She shares some insight into how the importance on fitness has evolved over the decades, as well as why the drivers need a lot of neck and arm strength behind the wheel of an F1 car, and much more.

Also joining the podcast is former Formula 1 driver Alexander Rossi who explains how much weight he had to lose for him to gain performance in the car, and how important your neck strength is when F1 teams look to sign you - and why that makes it difficult to go shopping.

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Lastly, they are joined by four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel’s former trainer Antti Kontas of Hintsa Performance, who explains the real reason why the neck is so important for the driver’s vision.

He also explains why they need such incredible endurance, before giving some insight into what a typical training session looks like for the drivers, and why women are more than physically capable of competing in F1.

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Formula Why joins in-depth interview podcast Beyond The Grid and race analysis show F1 Nation in the official F1 podcast line-up, and you can listen to the latest episode in the player above or click here to listen.

If you want to get involved in Formula Why, you can suggest a question for the podcast to answer by recording a voice note and emailing it to Why@F1.com.


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