MUST-SEE: How does the pressure of a Grand Prix affect the heart rate of a Formula 1 race crew?


Formula 1 always gets pulses racing, whether it's a nail-biting fight for the lead, a near-miss between two cars dicing on track, or a terrific overtaking manoeuvre. But have you ever wondered how fast hearts start beating when it's crunch-time in the pit lane?

Members of the Williams team wore heart rate monitors during the Monaco Grand Prix to find out.

The biometric data shows that the team's Senior Strategy Engineer Charles Florentin, front-right wheel-gunman Ollie Middleton, and Chief Mechanic Mark Pattinson were calm, cool, and collected before the start of the race.

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But when the tension, anticipation, and action builds up as it gets closer to lights out, the picture is very different. And it's a whole other story when George Russell comes in to change his tyres.

Watch how things change, and how the crew's hearts start pounding in the ingenious video above – shot at the team's 750th World Championship Grand Prix, in Monaco.



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