MUST-SEE: Watch the drama unfold as rain causes chaos at the Monaco Grand Prix


The Monaco Grand Prix seemed to be heading towards a finalised finishing order when the sudden arrival of rain brought with chaos for the drivers. While many ended up off-track, others found themselves in the barrier, and the teams were forced into sudden pit-stops.

Many had anticipated rain could hit the track during the race, it was not known exactly when the clouds would open up over the circuit. The rain then initially hit the track between Turn 6 and Turn 8, forcing the drivers to tip toe through the section on their dry tyres.

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However, the showers then opened up around the rest of the track with the likes of Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen hitting the barrier, while there was pit stop confusion down at Aston Martin with Fernando Alonso who initially swapped to a medium tyre, before having to change to an intermediate.

Click on the video player above to watch the drama unfold as the rain caused chaos at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix.



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