Ricciardo wants to discuss racing rules in Hungary drivers' briefing after Stroll incident

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 16: Daniel Ricciardo of Australia and Renault Sport F1 talks in the

Daniel Ricciardo cut a frustrated figure last Sunday night in Austria after a penultimate lap lunge from Racing Point's Lance Stroll for sixth place caused his race to – in his words – “fall apart”. Ricciardo was adament that Stroll's move should have been punished, and five days later - after the stewards opted not to penalise the Canadian - the Renault driver said he intended to raise the issue in the Hungarian Grand Prix drivers’ briefing so he can get clarity over what is and what isn't allowed...

Ricciardo was angered when Stroll attacked up the inside from a long way back into Turn 3, running off track and taking Ricciardo's Renault with him before re-joining ahead of the Australian. The stewards looked at the incident after the race, but opted to take no further action, meaning Stroll retained his seventh place ahead of Ricciardo.

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When asked if such a decision has set a precedent, Ricciardo replied: “Yeah, I guess. I have never wanted to have rules so tight it discourages us to race. But you know, I don’t want it that we’re driving on eggshells and scared to pull the trigger, but there’s trying and also failing.

Styrian Grand Prix: Stroll forces Ricciardo off-track at Turn 3

“Both of us went off track. If I turn in, we crash but he also brought himself off track with us. He tried a move, which he was completely in his right to do. I left room, which I guess I shouldn’t have. But he tried and because we both went off, I see that as a failed attempt, so the position should have been given back.

“For me, I think that’s pretty crystal clear. If he made the corner and squeezed me off, I accept that that is a move. But to take both of us off, I don’t see how that works in any situation. We’ll talk about it in the drivers briefing [on Friday] and see everyone’s opinion, what they say. I can’t see any drivers saying that’s a clean move, that’s how it’s going to work, because it never adds up like that.”

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Ricciardo said talking to Stroll about what happened wasn’t what was needed, but rather all the drivers and stewards having a wider conversation about what is acceptable should a similar scenario occur again.

“I don’t think it was Lance’s intention to take both of us off,” he said. “I’m sure when he went down the inside, I’m sure he knew it would be tight because it was already quite narrow and he came from a fair way back. But I don’t think he expected or wanted both of us to go off track.

Daniel Ricciardo: Stroll 'forced us both off the track'

“Obviously he kept his foot into it, and said alright if I get penalty OK, if I don’t I’ll claim a move. I don’t think it is necessarily something to discuss with a driver, as in ‘that was a dirty move, what were you thinking?’

“It’s more that this needs to be spoken to as a group with us drivers and stewards together to try and educate everyone as to what is right and wrong. But I don’t expect Lance for example to go and do it this weekend and think he’s going to get away with it every time. That’s why we need to talk probably Friday in the drivers’ briefing.”

Having also been passed by McLaren's Lando Norris, Ricciardo ultimately finished last weekend's Styrian Grand Prix in eighth place to claim his first points of the season. The Renault driver will be hoping to add to his account this weekend, at a track where his was victorious for Red Bull in 2014.



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