TECH TALK: Analysing the upgrades brought by Aston Martin to Montreal as they look to 'smash' Mercedes


Aston Martin have made an impressive start to the season and, as they look to build on their momentum, the team from Silverstone have brought a major upgrade package to this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix. On F1 TV's Tech Talk Sam Collins is on hand to take us all through it.

Collins examines the changes Aston Martin have made, largely to the sidepods on the AMR23, with the green team taking inspiration from Ferrari’s design from 2022, as he examines the revised bodywork on the car, and the effect it could have.

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Collins also takes a look at the new sculptured “floor wings”, as well as the changes made by Aston Martin to the "upper deck" on the bodywork of the car, and he explains what impact that could have on the aerodynamic performance of the AMR23.

He also continues to look at how the Silverstone-based squad have taken inspiration from Haas when it comes to re-designing the rear of their car, and Collins explains how this could potentially improve the cooling.

Lastly, Collins looks into how all these changes could get them closer to Red Bull. He delves into the data to explain how the battle between the two teams could take a turn in the second half of the season, and he also answers whether Aston Martin can truly "smash" Mercedes this weekend.

For all of that and much more click on the video player above to watch the latest instalment of F1 TV’s Tech Talk.



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