TECH TALK: F1's development race is on in Bahrain


The development of the 2023 cars will be crucial to the success of all 10 teams this year, and ahead of the first race of the season, a number of new innovations have already been brought to the track. Tech expert Sam Collins is here to explain all.

On this week’s Tech Talk on F1 TV, Sam Collins looks at some of the innovations that the teams have copied from Mercedes, such as the winglets on the front wing, the bulges on the suspension, and the wire that runs on the floor of their cars.

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Also on the agenda is looking at how McLaren have cured the wheel brow issues that curtailed their running at pre-season testing, and the differences in the winglets on the front wing of the Haas VF-23.

Lastly, Sam takes a look at Mercedes’ new rear wing, which they have brought to Bahrain in an attempt to cure their straight line speed deficit to rivals Red Bull and Ferrari – but has it worked?

Click on the video player above for another installation of F1 TV’s Tech Talk with Sam Collins.



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