TECH TALK: The teams’ set-up gambles for the Las Vegas Grand Prix explained


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As the teams prepare for the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix, F1 TV's technical expert Sam Collins has taken a look at who's rolling the dice and who's playing the percentages this weekend.

“Monza with walls” is how the 6.2km Las Vegas Strip Circuit has been described.

And with correspondingly low downforce packages required, married to very different cooling solutions to those we’ve seen used at venues like Qatar and Mexico, the teams have had to make some big decisions heading into the Las Vegas weekend.

THE STRATEGIST: How do the teams plan for a new race like Las Vegas with no historic data?

Press play on the video up top and let Sam Collins be your guide to the technical demands of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit – and click here to discover more fascinating Tech Talk content on F1 TV.



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