WATCH: F1 Explained – How do grid penalties work?


F1’s penalty system came under the spotlight at the recent Italian Grand Prix, with a host of drivers taking power unit and gearbox related drops to turn the starting grid on its head.

In the latest instalment of F1 TV’s Tech Talk, Laura Winter is joined by F1 Technical Expert Albert Fabrega for an in-depth look at how penalties for changing power unit and gearbox elements – and breaking the rules – are currently allocated.

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Using the Monza weekend as an example, Fabrega highlights the nine drivers who lost positions from their original qualifying spots (some with multiple sanctions to their names) and uses a handy mock-up starting grid to run through the knock-on effects.

Fabrega also explains how a subtle rule change introduced from the 2020 season – affecting the way in which temporarily empty grid slots are filled – consigned Red Bull driver Max Verstappen to seventh on the grid, as opposed to a place in the top five.

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