WATCH: F1 Explained – What do all the marshals flags mean?


We often see marshals waving different coloured flags to the drivers throughout a Formula 1 race weekend, but what does each flag actually represent? Well, in the latest instalment of F1 Tv's Tech Talk you can get a brief lesson on the meaning of each one...

We all know the chequered flag comes at the end of a race, but there are some lesser used ones that you might not be sure about.

But never fear, because Formula 1’s Technical Expert Albert Fabrega is here to give us an insight into the assorted flags that the marshals wave to the drivers, and what they mean. From the green flag seen at the start of the race to the red and yellow signal used to send a warning to the drivers.

Fabrega also reveals the key difference between a single and a double yellow flag, and the meaning behind the lesser known “meatball” warning sent to a particular driver.

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Did you know some there are some flags that the marshals can wave under their own initiative, and some some that can only be waved on instruction from the Race Director? Fabrega explains all, and also gives us an insight into the keyboard panel that the marshals use, which can tell the drivers if there is rain in a single part of the track.

Click on the video player above to become an F1 flag expert...


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