WATCH: Hamilton and Verstappen's dramatic Monza crash – in 360 degrees


As explained in our Monday Morning Debrief, the fact that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen ended up on the same piece of track at the same time in the Italian Grand Prix was simply the result of a long pitstop for the Red Bull driver.

But end up together they did – so close in fact that although they entered the first chicane side-by-side, they ended up beached in the gravel together, with Verstappen's RB16B perched atop Hamilton's Mercedes, the former having been launched over the latter mid-corner after they touched wheels.

Though both were immediately out of the race, fortunately both drivers were unhurt – though Hamilton praised the halo in keeping him safe as the Red Bull's rear wheels came down over his cockpit, saying the device had "saved his neck" in the incident.

Verstappen, meanwhile, was handed a three-place grid drop for the next race by the stewards who judged him "predominantly to blame for the collision".

You can see just how close Hamilton got to his rival's spinning wheels in the amazing 360-degree video above, which also shows the crash from Verstappen's car.

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