WATCH: Huge drama at Monza as Hamilton and Verstappen take each other out of the Italian GP


The simmering title battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen boiled over when the two drivers touched on Lap 1 at the British Grand Prix back in July, and midway through the Italian Grand Prix the pair made contact again in a hugely dramatic moment that saw them both go out of the race.

Verstappen, who had started on pole, was running second before a slow pit stop dropped him down the order. Hamilton had just emerged from his own stop and was heading down to the first chicane when Verstappen pulled alongside him on the outside and they went into the corner together.

Their rear wheels then connected, launching Verstappen's car over the top of Hamilton's with the two of them coming to rest in the gravel trap, the Dutchman's Red Bull perched on top of Hamilton's Mercedes.

Verstappen immediately climbed out of his car as the Safety Car was deployed, and Hamilton soon followed suit.

The fallout from this one will be enormous – and the stewards announced they would be investigating the clash after the race – but the net result is that neither will score points today, while Daniel Ricciardo retains the lead for McLaren.

See how the incident played out in the video above, and follow all the action from the race in our live blog here.



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