WATCH: Introducing 'Close to the Wall' – a brand new F1 insight powered by AWS for the Monaco Grand Prix


Formula 1 drivers often find themselves close to the barriers as they push the limits of the track in search for the perfect lap time. But how close do they really get to the wall? Well, thanks to our partners at AWS, we can now tell during the Monaco Grand Prix.

AWS have helped to create a new graphic, seen for the first time this weekend in Monaco, displaying how close each driver is getting to the barrier, at the tightest street circuit on the calendar.

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Thanks to cutting edge technology and to Formula 1 cameras, an advanced algorithm will be able to use footage from the track to estimate a car's distance to the wall.

This data is then shared to see how much time the drivers are gaining from pushing the boundaries, with a graphic then displaying how tight the margins are from the drivers gaining time on their lap to those who may collide with the wall.

So, now the viewers at home will be able to see just how much their favourite driver is pushing the limits of their car and the track compared to their rivals, and how they may be gaining or losing time on their laps.

To find out more about this new F1 Insights graphic, click on the video player above to watch the explainer video ahead of today's exciting Monaco Grand Prix.



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