WATCH: The highs and the lows in F1 – 2019 rookies Russell, Norris, and Albon reunite


Every time George Russell, Lando Norris, and Alex Albon get together we know that we are in for a good laugh. So, earlier this year, we sat the 2019 rookie class down in the Mercedes motorhome to discuss the past, present, and the future.

In the four years since they made their debuts, each has made their mark on the sport. Together they discuss their journeys to the next level, look back on the 2018 Formula 2 championship battle – before revealing which one of the three found out first that they would be going up to F1 in 2019.

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They also reveal their highest and lowest moments so far in their F1 careers, as Albon discusses how emotional the start of 2021 season was for him – much to the surprise of Norris and Russell, who forgot he was on the sidelines that year.

Lastly, they give their verdict on who they think was the better driver coming through the ranks, and who is the best pilot right now.

To listen to the chat between the three friends, click on the video player above.


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