WATCH: Verstappen spin leaves him stuck in the gravel on Day 2, Week 2 of testing


Red Bull’s Max Verstappen had already suffered a low-speed spin on Thursday morning of Week 2 of pre-season testing when he attacked a damp white line too hard at Turn 5 – with some very gravelly consequences…

Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas had done the same thing a few minutes before, but got away with a dab of opposite lock and a trip across the gravel.

For Verstappen, the racing gods’ punishment was harsher, as the Dutchman ended up beached in the gravel, his rear wheels spinning helplessly before he admitted defeat and got out to wait for the flatbed as the second red flag of the morning was waved.

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“I looked back at the footage and I clipped my two wheels onto the limit at the damp patch,” was Verstappen’s analysis at lunchtime. “I used too much of that. I didn’t see that damp patch, that was the issue.”

Check out Verstappen’s moment in the video above.

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