Why F1 Mobile Racing is the ideal way to get your Formula 1 gaming fix on the go


Are you mising your fix of Formula 1 racing while the season is on hold? Do you need something to keep you occupied while you're at home? Well, we have just the thing to help you while away the hours: Codemasters' F1 Mobile Racing game, on Android and iOS. Here's why you should give it a try...

1. It’s totally free to play

Yes, the game is free to play and new circuits are unlocked as you win against rivals in multiplayer races and progress up the leagues.

All 10 teams, 20 drivers and 21 circuits of the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship are included in F1 Mobile Racing, with an update to bring in the 2020 roster coming soon, including new circuits Vietnam and Zandvoort, plus the new-look AlphaTauri team.

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Take on other players in real-time multiplayer, or race the AI in single-player mode

2. It's perfect to play on the go

Ok, so you're probably not going out much right now, but that doesn't mean you're not busy. But as F1 Mobile Racing is a condensed version of Codemasters' brilliant F1 2019, you can pick it up whenever you've got a spare five minutes in between Skype meetings, or while the kids are occupied with something else.

The game features real-time multiplayer mode pitting you against another player, often with 18 other cars on the track as you battle for the highest position. Rolling starts, qualifying sessions and 1v1 showdowns shake things up, while each player gets a safety rating and ranking to ensure that matches are fair.

There’s also a single-player mode, with all 21 circuits available for 15 lap contests or hot-laps sessions.

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Apply parts to increase your car's performance

3. You can develop and customise your own F1 car

Choose your look and stand out from the field with numerous customisation options for your very own F1 car.

Apply decals, choose a paint scheme and your driver’s helmet from a selection of designs – with the 2019 liveries and helmets available to purchase as well.

After every race you’ll be given a crate of parts to improve your car’s performance, including bargeboards, suspension and brakes that can affect aero, power, weight, handling or braking to give you the edge over your rivals.

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Choose your colours, paint scheme, initials and number to make your F1 car unique

4. You can win in-game prizes by beating other players

Special in-game championships pit you against the rest of the world and pay out credits, rare parts and other resources depending on where you end up on the leaderboard. And there's no shortage of players either with millions of downloads already on Android and iOS.

The next in-game event – Spring Warmup – begins on April 1 so get entering and win components for your machine.

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Special events pay handsomely with rare parts and in-game cash to boost your machine

5. You can tailor the controls to suit your playstyle

F1 Mobile Racing will start you off with all assists on, including ABS, steering assist and braking help, but you can turn those off in the settings to give you a console-like experience.

The game also supports PS4 and Bluetooth Xbox One controllers if you want an even deeper level of control – though you can use tilt-steering or touchscreen buttons, if you like.

So get started and download F1 Mobile Racing for your device now!


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