F1 Fantasy is back for the 2019 season, giving you the chance to step into the Team Principal role and choose your ultimate Formula 1 dream team. Want to know how to get started? We’ve prepared a handy guide to help you out…

    Step #1 – Pick a team... or three

    You can pick up to three teams of five drivers and one constructor from your $100m budget. Your teams will then score points based on the team members’ actual performances in the Grand Prix – which you’ll also be able see updating in real-time over the race weekend. You’ll also need to choose a turbo driver for each team, which we’ll explain in a bit…

    You can make as many changes to your team as you like before the team-picking deadline closes at the start of qualifying for the first race of the season, but it’s your last saved team which will get entered into your leagues – we’ll explain those in a bit, too…

    As your drivers increase or decrease in price based on their performances, this will get reflected in the budget that you can use when you next change your team. So when your drivers go up or down in price, so too will your spending power.

    Before the 2019 season starts, you can update your teams as much as you like. But once the season gets under way, you can only make one single free change to each of your teams between each race. Every change after that will result in a deduction of 10 points from your weekly and overall totals – so choose wisely…

    Formula One World Championship
    The drivers' race performance is updated in real-time

    Step #2 - Choose a turbo driver

    Ahead of each race, you’ll need to select one sub-$19m driver in each of your teams to be your ‘Turbo Driver’, who’ll score double points for you. This driver can be different for each race, but you need to select it before saving your team (but don’t worry, changing your turbo driver doesn’t count as a substitution).

    If your turbo driver’s price increases to more than $19m following a race week, you’ll need to select a new one for the next race. If you don’t, your turbo driver will be automatically changed to the next highest priced player in your team priced under $19m.

    Beware though: if your turbo driver finishes with negative points, that score gets doubled too – so -2 becomes -4 and so on and so on.

    2019 Barcelona February testing II
    Choose your turbo driver wisely

    Step #3 – Join a league

    Your first picked team is automatically entered into our Global League, and the league of your favourite constructor, which you’ll set when you sign up. Although you can only enter your first team into those leagues, you can also create and join private leagues with your friends. These leagues can be shared and entered using the private league code created when the league is set up.

    Step #4 – Use your wildcard

    Not strictly necessary, this last one, but if your team aren’t doing the business for you on track, you’ll get two opportunities in a season to start from scratch and build an entirely new team with no penalties. You can use one of your wildcards in the first half of the season (so up to the Hungarian Grand Prix) and the other for the second half (from the Belgian Grand Prix onwards).

    So that’s it in a nutshell. And now you know what you’re doing, head to F1 Fantasy and start picking your ultimate F1 line-up.