Antonio Giovinazzi ended last year’s Belgian Grand Prix buried in the tyre barriers on the exit of the high-speed Pouhon corner. This year the Italian endured another big crash in the middle sector, spinning his Alfa Romeo hard into the barriers at Fagnes and collecting the unfortunate George Russell in the process.

    Giovinazzi was chasing Sebastian Vettel in the early stages of the race when he lost control and hit the outside wall before bouncing across the track and leaving the following Russell with nowhere to go.

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    2020 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix: Giovinazzi and Russell in huge crash at Spa

    “I had snap oversteer on the exit [of the turn],” explained Giovinazzi, who like Russell escaped completely unscathed.

    “I was pushing just a little too much, just to say behind Sebastian in DRS. Just too much on the limit, and when you are always on the limit sometimes it will happen, so it’s just this.”

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    The result leaves Giovinazzi with just two points for the year heading to his home race in Italy – both scored in the opening round in Austria. Team mate Kimi Raikkonen, meanwhile, finished the race in P12 – ahead of both Ferraris.

    2019 BELGIAN GP: Late crash at Pouhon deprives Giovinazzi of points