Formula 1 is a sport for all, with people from a variety of backgrounds playing their part to bring fans the entertainment we all know and love.

    Whether it is working for the championship, or within the teams themselves, each individual has a story to tell about how they got to where they are today. In the latest instalment of the ‘My Untold Story’ series, we sit down with more inspiring individuals to discuss their upbringings and what their roles in F1 entail.

    It also serves as a lesson about the importance of a diverse workforce, the power of collaboration and how opportunity for everyone can bring immense benefits.

    MY UNTOLD STORY: Five inspiring people share their journeys to working in F1 – and how the sport can be a vehicle for change

    Pritpal Riat – Senior Software Engineer at Alpine

    Pritpal discusses his childhood fascination with technology and computers as he grew up watching Formula 1 – a sport that is heralded for its use of innovative technology. All of that came together to ignite his passion for the sport as he looked to pursue a career of his own.

    Pritpal goes on to explain the importance of his role within Alpine as a Senior Software Engineer, and how his day-to-day activities are focused in helping them propel themselves up the grid. He also explains the vital benefits a diverse workforce can bring, with different ideas allowing any team to flourish.

    Pritpal Riat shares his untold story working as a Senior Software Engineer for BWT Alpine F1 Team

    Maya Weug – Ferrari Driver Academy Member

    In her untold story, Maya explains how joining the Ferrari Driver Academy was a “dream come true” and how she got goosebumps when she wore the famous colours for the first time.

    The 19-year-old also tells us about where her love of racing began and how varied the days are within the academy as she works to hone her skills. She goes on to explain what it’s like being a female in motorsport and offers her advice to any young girl hoping to get into racing one day.

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    Maya Weug reflects on her journey so far in the Ferrari Driver Academy in her untold story

    Martina Natiello – Tyre Modelling Engineer for AlphaTauri

    Martina begins her untold story by telling us what her role for the AlphaTauri team involves, and she also rewinds the clock to look back at her very first memory of Formula 1.

    She goes on to explain how her passion for the sport grew from an early age, and her path to working within the fast-paced world of F1. Martina also opens up about her “bad experiences” as a woman in motorsport and what needs to be done to involve women in F1.

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    Martina Natiello shares her untold story working as a Tyre Modelling Engineer for Scuderia AlphaTauri