DRIVER MARKET: 'Exciting times for me' says Vettel as he continues to weigh up future plans

05 VETTEL Sebastian (ger), Scuderia Ferrari SF1000, action during the Formula 1 Aramco Magyar

Who - if anyone - will Sebastian Vettel sign for in 2021? It’s the question everyone wants to know the answer to. The truth, Vettel says, is that even he does not know yet. What he does know is that there are “exciting times for me” ahead…

Ferrari decided not to offer four-time world champion Vettel a new deal from 2021 onwards, leaving the German without a drive. However, it's believed Vettel has an option to join Racing Point next season.

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Speaking at Silverstone, ahead of the British Grand Prix, a relaxed Vettel spoke candidly about his current situation. “I’m always looking forward,” he said. “It’s exciting times for me. It’s a new situation, that’s true, but I take it as a challenge and an excitement whatever comes out of it. Whatever the task I’ll tackle it.

“Whether you’ll hear or see me or not that’s obviously at the moment unknown! But at the level I’ve performed at in the past I will continue to perform in general whether I’m racing or not, or try to do my best whatever task or whatever job that is.”

NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - JULY 30: Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Ferrari walks in the Paddock during

Vettel wouldn’t be drawn on when he might have news about what his next step would be, but did not appear to be in a rush to make a call. “I have no answer,” he said. “I would give you an answer if I really knew but at the moment I don’t and I think it’s probably realistic to be patient and wait a little bit.

“That could be a couple of weeks, that could be longer than that. Time will tell. Nothing has changed to what I mentioned in the last three weeks or prior three races. I’m not in a rush, I want to make sure that I make the right decision for myself and then take it from there.”

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He added: “The fact that I’ve been around a long time helps, I know people and so on, but the most important for me is whatever the decision will be, it will be the right one for me. You can never be 100% certain as only time can tell but I think as much as I can I would like to control and make sure the conclusion to me is it is the right decision.

I'm not in a rush - I want to make sure I make the right decision

Sebastian Vettel

“Therefore I never believe good things are to be rushed so things will probably take time and therefore I cannot give a specific answer on when, as much as I cannot give a specific answer on what.

“Obviously at stake is remaining in F1 or not and as I said time will tell but surely it is a new situation, I don’t think in terms of negotiation skill I need to pull tricks out of my sleeve but I think it is just the fact it is a new situation and a new challenge as it is probably a decision about remaining or doing something different.”

This season is Vettel's 13th full-time in F1. He currently sits 10th in the drivers' standings after three races.

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