Ferrari: New rules have been a 'gamechanger' says Binotto


They came close. Very close. But ultimately 2018 was another defeat for Ferrari as they sought their first Formula 1 world championship since 2008. As they look to right that wrong, new boss Mattia Binotto said at the launch of their 2019 car that the new aerodynamic rules will be a “gamechanger” for this season…

This year’s breed of F1 cars will feature radically different front and rear wings as part of a tweak of the championship’s aerodynamic regulations. Despite losing out to Mercedes, Ferrari have opted to incorporate those changes onto a car that is an evolution rather than revolution.

“The car we presented today is a evolution of the 2018 car, the reason is because the 2018 car was already a great car,” said Binotto. “It was not strong enough to win at the end, but it was a good baseline.

“We have tried to raise the bar, to be even further and more aggressive and try to adapt ourselves to the new aero regulations, which has been a gamechanger for the next season.

“It’s not a revolution, it’s step by step and we will try to learn from the past what was wrong and try somehow to address all the issues we have got and make sure we’re ready for the season.”

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Ferrari will field a different line-up this year, with Charles Leclerc coming in to replace Kimi Raikkonen alongside Sebastian Vettel, who was defeated by Lewis Hamilton in the battle for last year’s drivers’ championship.

Binotto says he is “expecting a lot” from Vettel, who will enter his fifth year with the Scuderia, while he expects Leclerc will have “a lot to learn” as he becomes one of the youngest drivers Ferrari has ever fielded.

“Sebastian is a very experienced driver, he won championships, he knows what is necessary to win, so it’s my task to put him in the proper conditions to do the job,” said Binotto. “I’m expecting a lot from him, no doubt, as he is from himself.

“Charles for us is very young driver, I can’t remember in the recent past of Ferrari having such a young driver in our line-up. There will be much to learn for him at the start, he’s got a good reference. I think Sebastian will be a good reference for him.”

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