ICYMI: Moustaches, tacos and all things Day of the Dead – it's the best social media from Mexico

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The Mexico City Grand Prix is always a riot of colour, and 2023 proved no exception. The usual deathly characters were wondering around and lending a helping hand, and while there was plenty of action on the track, there was a fair bit off it too. Here is the best social media you might have missed from Mexico...

Another weekend, another arrival

Red Bull literally flew their car in last weekend in Austin, and everyone was thinking – how do you top that? The answer was obvious.

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You arrive in a giant Red Bull helmet, driven by a three-time world champion of course. We all know the RB19 is a dream to drive, but does it corner as well as this beauty?

Speaking of arrivals...

Who is this coming into the paddock? Mexico's latest wrestling star? No, not quite – but Pierre Gasly certainly got into the spirit when he showed up. He might have unnerved team mate Esteban Ocon briefly, but fortunately those two didn't indulge in a spot of wrestling in the garage or on the track for that matter.

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New week, new look

Daniel Ricciardo is making a habit of matching his facial hair to the track. Gone is last week's handlebar effort, to be replaced by something far more distinguished.

He might want to keep hold of this look too, after scoring points on Sunday. Perhaps his moustache brought him luck? He wouldn't be the first F1 driver to sport a winning 'tache (remember Nigel Mansell and Keke Rosberg?), and he isn't even the only driver on the grid – Valtteri Bottas is still rocking his soup strainer.

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In fact Bottas is so keen on his, he made sure his helmet didn't feel left out with a upper lip tickler of its own.

A special milestone

Nico Hulkenberg was celebrating his 200th race weekend in Austin, and his team made sure to decorate his room accordingly.

Combined with a trip down memory lane via his helmet design, it was a weekend to remember for the German – even if he didn't manage to pick up any points.

Hulk smash wasn't quite how his race unfolded though, as that applied more to his team mate than to Hulkenberg...

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Pinata time!

Speaking of smashing, plenty of teams had a go at the pinata, with mixed success. That was until the Alfa Romeo lads turned up, in destructive mood.

Bottas seems set for a second career as a baseball star, while Zhou Guanyu might fare better on the gold course based on his swing. Quite what their bosses made of the situation, and how close they came to maiming each other, remains to be seen.

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Dia de los Muertos - almost

The dates didn't quite coincide this year for the full Day of the Dead festivities, but nonetheless the paddock here is always a colourful, vibrant affair. From the usual undead characters, to dancers, marching bands and plenty of artwork, everywhere you looked there was something to distract the eye.

Happy birthday!

In a sea of Sergio Perez fans, there was one boy who dared to be different to the rest. He was a fan of Lando Norris, and for his birthday, wanted a photo with his idol.

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McLaren duly did the rest, for one of the most heart-warming moments of the weekend. And given how well Norris did in the race, maybe he should invite his young fan along again in the future...

Moving to the country, going to eat a lot of tacos

Based on Bottas' t-shirt on Thursday and his helmet design, he was here to eat tacos, not race. Fortunately for Williams, Alex Albon opted for the reverse. He raced hard on Sunday and picked up another two points for his team.

And then he went off to celebrate the only appropriate way.



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