Magnussen concerned about Haas's reliability after Baku DNF, as Schumacher says 'pace was just not there'


Haas suffered a fourth straight race without points on Sunday – with Kevin Magnussen forced to retire from the race and Mick Schumacher settling for 14th – with both drivers left to reflect on a disappointing Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Magnussen started the race in P11 and seemed in a prime spot to hoover up some points. But having run as high as P10, on Lap 31 the Dane was forced to pull up after appearing to lose power – his second consecutive DNF and fourth-straight point-less race.

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“We were in a position to score points in Monaco, then had a power unit issue,” said Magnussen. “Today again we were in a position to score points. So, I’m not really worried about performance, I’m just more worried about the reliability. We've just got to stay at it, keep positive and it will go our way sooner or later.

“I don’t know what happened. I lost power, that’s what I know, but I don’t know exactly what broke, so I gave up. So yes, unfortunate, onto the next one.”

Kevin Magnussen 'not worried about performance' despite Haas reliability issues

Schumacher, on the other hand, started the race in 20th, and was unable to make progress through to the top 10, having hoped for a Safety Car-riddled race. He conceded that the lack of running in FP1, thanks to a water leak, plus a series of yellow flags in qualifying, hampered his Sunday.

“We clearly weren’t [able to make progress on Sunday]. It’s something that we have to look at,” said Schumacher. “I think we didn’t have one Safety Car, no red flag either. I think I was betting on three Safety Cars and one red flag at least! But it didn’t happen, so obviously we did our maximum and the pace was just not there.

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“I think from Saturday onwards we were a bit smoother. But obviously on a track like this, it’s the Friday that matters. And I think we want FP2 to find the perfect set-up for qualifying. It’s not that easy, and I think that’s what kind of made everything a bit more difficult.

“And then obviously the whole qualifying incidents that we had were not mega either, so it’s kind of what it is. Just got to look ahead to try to do better.”

Mick Schumacher: 'Pace was just not there' after P14 finish in Baku


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