Stroll reveals changes to training programme to avoid repeat of 2023 injuries as he sets target for new season

2024 pre-season photoshoot at Calvert Studios. Imagery with Lance Stroll.

Lance Stroll has explained how he has adapted his approach to his training programme ahead of the 2024 F1 season after being forced to miss pre-season testing last year following a cycling accident.

The Canadian sustained fractures and a broken toe whilst on his bike in Spain prior to the 2023 campaign, resulting in him undergoing surgery followed by a process of rehabilitation. This forced Stroll to sit out testing, but he made his return in time for the first race of the year in Bahrain.

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After managing an impressive sixth place in the race, Stroll revealed that his medical team had initially doubted whether he would be able to compete for the first few Grands Prix.

With that in mind, Stroll was asked during Aston Martin’s launch of their 2024 car whether he had been more cautious with his training ahead of the upcoming campaign, prompting the 25-year-old to joke: “My apartment is stacked with pillows and I’m not allowed to leave!”

Lance Stroll: 'We have some unfinished business from last year'

He went on to acknowledge that he has been more careful when going for a run, explaining: “I’m allowed to go running. No one’s told me this, but I think we live and we learn every day. I’m running, I’m watching my step while I run.

“No ankle twisting – none of that funny business, just running in a straight stride! I’m looking after my limbs and I want to get to Bahrain testing this year, so that’s the game plan.”

In terms of how the feeling differs to where he was at 12 months ago, Stroll spoke of the importance of participating in pre-season testing, which this year takes place at the Bahrain International Circuit from February 21-23.

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“For sure testing is really important just to get an idea of what the car is doing and [to] try different set-ups to see what feels good and works, and suits you best,” he commented. “I’ll be at testing this year and having that is definitely going to be helpful. Two healthy wrists make life a bit easier in a race car! All those things are definitely going to be good things.”

Despite being slightly more cautious when training, Stroll still managed to enjoy some downtime during the off-season.

“It’s been nice, I spent a bit of time in western Canada, been skiing which is always fun, a lot of training as well,” he said. “A lot of time reflecting on last season and thinking about how I can come back as a stronger, better athlete [and] driver this season.

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Stroll got behind the wheel of the new AMR24 during a filming day at Silverstone following the team's launch

“It’s an exciting time now with the car launching, getting a feel for it for the first time. Then going to Bahrain and seeing where everyone stacks up, it’s always an exciting time of the year.”

Stroll also elaborated on what his period of reflection over the winter involved, with the Aston Martin driver adding: “Just reflecting [on] normal stuff, on what I want from the car, how I feel like I can be a better driver and what areas I can improve on, that kind of stuff.

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“Also just [focused on how to] come back physically a little bit stronger, thinking about some of the races where I felt physically I could have been stronger, those kinds of things, just the usual stuff. Every year is a new year, so going into this year I learn, I evolve, I think about what I can do better, how I can be better. But then also just take on the year and see what happens."

Regarding what he and the team can achieve in 2024, Stroll has a target in mind.

“Every year is a very different year in Formula 1 – [it] depends a lot on where the car’s at, depends a lot on many factors," he concluded. "I would like to see us definitely fight for some big results this year, score a lot of points, fight for podiums, and a win in green would be nice! First win in green would be nice.”



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