WATCH: First Hanoi Street Circuit gameplay shown off in new Codemasters F1 2020 video


With everyone from Lando Norris to Liam Payne taking part in F1 Esports virtual racing in what has become an extended off-season for Formula 1, it’s safe to say there is plenty of excitement building for the release of Codemasters’ new F1 2020 game.

The new release will have all the tracks from all the planned 2020 races, including the revamped Zandvoort and the new Hanoi Street Circuit, which is set to host the first ever Vietnam Grand Prix.

And ahead of the July 10 release, Codemasters have given us this teaser gameplay video (above), showing a virtual Charles Leclerc driving a lap of the Hanoi track in the Ferrari SF1000.

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Michael Schumacher features on the cover for the Deluxe Schumacher Edition of F1 2020

As circuit designer Hermann Tilke said, it was no easy task designing a circuit set for the busy streets of the Northern Vietnam city – and by the looks of this video it won't be easy to set a clean lap, either, with those barriers looming at every turn.

F1 2020 will be released July 10, so there's not much longer to wait for your chance to be the grid's 11th team, drive classic Michael Schumacher F1 cars and much more.

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