WATCH: How F1's biggest stars made their names – the top-10 breakthrough moments in F1


How did the greats of Formula 1 make a name for themselves? Whether it was a convincing debut performance, a young gun taking on the old guard or even a maiden victory, this video looks back – way back – at how Formula 1 legends made their first impact on the sport, including Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Sebastian Vettel and Ayrton Senna.

Get ready for a mega dose of nostalgia as we look back at Senna’s brilliant performance in the wet at Monaco in 1984 for Toleman. In turn, Jean Alesi made his mark by taking on Senna at the 1990 United States Grand Prix for Tyrrell.

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For Hamilton, it was a debut performance that revealed the great talent McLaren had signed up in 2007 as he passed two-time champion team mate Fernando Alonso at Turn 1 in Australia and ended up on the podium.

Spanish McLaren-Mercedes driver Fernando Alonso (R) and British McLaren-Mercedes driver Lewis

Talk about setting a high bar... Lewis Hamilton made his debut alongside Fernando Alonso at McLaren in 2007

And Vettel’s fantastic 2008 Italian Grand Prix, in which he took his Toro Rosso to pole position and won the race on Sunday, showed just why Red Bull snapped him up for the following season.

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Vettel’s countryman, Schumacher, also has a starring role. His debut was at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix where his remarkable qualifying performance provided just a small hint at what was to come


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