BUXTON: How Vettel's impending Ferrari departure will affect the driver market


The big news in the Formula 1 world this week is undoubtedly the announcement that Sebastian Vettel will be leaving Ferrari at the end of this year.

By the time he finishes out his current contract he will have raced with the Scuderia for six seasons, and his move could now trigger a whole host of moves up and down the grid as drivers jostle to be the one to replace him at Ferrari, or slot in to a seat his recplacement will vacate.

Will McLaren's Carlos Sainz get the call from Maranello? Or how about Daniel Ricciardo at Renault? And what happens to their seats if one of them does get to pull on the famous red race suit next year?

F1's Digital Presenter Will Buxton takes a look at the permutations for the driver market in the video above...

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