FORMULA WHY: Cars, upgrades and 'copycats' – your 'why' questions answered

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This week Formula Why brings you another edition of your ‘why’ questions answered, as the team and their special guests tackle some of your queries that have been sent in.

Joining hosts Katie Osbourne and Christian Hewgill on this episode are F1 TV presenter and Drive to Survive star Will Buxton, as well as former Aston Martin Head of Race Strategy Bernie Collins.

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They will answer a range of questions with their expert insight, including – why are some F1 cars faster than others, why do some upgrades work and some don’t, and why don’t F1 teams just copy the fastest car?

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You’ll also hear what upgrading an F1 car has in common with online clothes shopping, why copying a successful car is like trying to cook without a recipe, and why F1 drivers get weighed after every single race.

To tune into the latest episode of the podcast click the player above, or click here.

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Formula Why joins in-depth interview podcast Beyond The Grid and race analysis show F1 Nation in the official F1 podcast line-up for 2023, giving fans comprehensive coverage of the sport.

If you want to get involved in Formula Why, you can suggest a question for the podcast to answer by recording a voice note and emailing it to Why@F1.com.


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