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“Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing” - the best of Raikkonen on race radio

25 Nov 2015

Kimi Raikkonen is renowned for not saying much out of the car, but behind the wheel his plain-spoken (occasionally a little too plain-spoken) radio messages have become the stuff of legend. Ahead of this weekend’s race at Yas Marina, scene of the Finn’s most famous exchange, we revisit some unforgettable soundbites, from threats of physical violence to caustic put downs...

Push and shove

Sergio Perez was urged to ‘get his elbows out’ after a tentative start to his McLaren career, but his newly aggressive approach didn’t go down too well with Kimi at the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix…


Cruising for a bruising

Three races on from his fallout with Perez in China, Kimi, how shall we put it, threatens to 'get physical' with the Mexican after another run-in at Monaco...  


He really does know what he’s doing

The exchange that launched a thousand internet memes. On course for his first win in over three years, the Iceman kindly informs his engineer that he has everything under control at Yas Marina...


On the war path

Backmarkers be warned: if you see a blue flag and Kimi is behind you (as Fernando Alonso did at this year’s race in China), get out of the way quickly or prepare yourself for a tongue-lashing.


Family feud

Tensions within the Lotus camp reach fever pitch during the 2013 Indian Grand Prix as trackside operations director Alan Permane angrily tells Kimi to get out of team mate Romain Grosjean’s way - and the Iceman responds with equal force…


A case of mistaken identity

Japan 2013 and Kimi discovers that the only thing better than finding out you don’t have a drive-through penalty is finding out that the guy in front does


Pardon the interruption

Under pressure from Michael Schumacher during the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix, Kimi not-so-subtly tells his engineer to pipe down...


So that's how we're racing, is it?

After being eased off the road by ‘that guy’ Max Verstappen in this year’s race in Austin, Kimi calmly lays down the law...


Hassled by the Hulk

An incredulous Iceman pleads his case after a spot of wheel-banging with Nico Hulkenberg’s Sauber during the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix.


Not so Merhi

An acid-tongued Kimi gives Roberto Merhi a dressing down after the Marussia driver occupies the racing line for slightly too long at this year’s Spanish Grand Prix.