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Say what? The best of race radio in Bahrain

22 Apr 2015

"Come on, blue flags! They just don't want to move, these people!" From Kimi Raikkonen at his feisty and laconic best, to Sebastian Vettel turning the air blue and Carlos Sainz playing mechanic, we bring you the best sound bites from the Bahrain weekend...

"I had a failure, a braking failure, and then (expletive) Perez took my wing off! Unbelievable!"
Sebastian Vettel turns the air blue and the track red after losing his front wing in a collision with Force India's Sergio Perez in the closing stages of FP2.

"I'm in the gravel..."
Daniil Kvyat comes over all sheepish after beaching his Red Bull in the Turn 4 gravel early in FP3.

"Unbelievable oversteer. I can't even turn the steering wheel and I am oversteering."
Max Verstappen cannot emphasise strongly enough just how little rear traction his Toro Rosso has in FP3...

"Whoo, aiii, that's nice!"
Spanish rookie Carlos Sainz lets out a series of happy noises as he squeezes into Q3 for the second time this season.

"Good job guys, nice surprise!"
Nico Hulkenberg seems as surprised as anyone at qualifying his Force India in eighth.

"The headrest just came loose. Just have a spare ready if you've got it."
Daniel Ricciardo gives his mechanics a heads up about his headrest on the way to the grid.

"Come on, blue flags! They just don't want to move, these people!"
Kimi Raikkonen does his best impression of a commuter stuck in rush hour traffic as his late-race pursuit of Nico Rosberg is slowed by backmarkers.

"That was a bit close for comfort...what happened to my gap?"
Lewis Hamilton has his mirrors full of a duelling Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel as he just retains his lead following his first pit stop.

"Feeling something strange in the car - I think wheel off..."
Sainz has a stab at diagnosing the problem with his ailing Toro Rosso. 

"Why do you think that the option is better? I can go faster on the prime than these options..."
Raikkonen smells a podium at two-thirds distance, and wants to make sure Ferrari call their tyre strategy right.

"So, gap to Kimi is now 8.5..." (Tony Ross, Rosberg's race engineer)
"Just don't tell me the gap anymore..." (Nico Rosberg)
Rosberg, usually keen to know as much information as possible, decides he'd rather not hear how close Raikkonen is to his gearbox in the closing stages of the race...

"BBW fault! BBW fault!" (Lewis Hamilton)
"Just caution on the brakes. One lap remaining, we have plenty of space." (Peter Bonnington, Hamilton's race engineer)

Mercedes do their best to reassure a concerned Hamilton after the world champion reports a last lap brake-by-wire problem.

"Hey Iceman, you were great, I'm proud of you. Grande Kimi."
Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene leaves Raikkonen in no doubt as to how pleased he is with the Finn's second place finish.  

"Sorry about the brakes Nico. It happened at the worst time."
Mercedes feel the need to apologise to Rosberg after brakes issues prevent him from defending second place to Raikkonen.

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