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Say what? The best of race radio in China

14 Apr 2015

“Lewis is driving very slowly, so get him to speed up.” From Nico Rosberg’s annoyance to emergency evacuations, traffic disgruntlement and heart breaking retirements, we bring you the best sound bites from an intense weekend in Shanghai...

“I have flat-spotted my left front so badly that I cannot see…”
Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen requires a trip to the opticians after a lock-up at the Turn 14 hairpin during FP1 leaves him with nasty tyre vibrations.

“I am on… I have smoke - a lot of smoke…”
Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat gets that sinking feeling as he looks in his rear view mirror during FP1 and sees flames coming from his left rear brake. A few corners later he’d nudge gently into the barriers at Turn 14 after losing brake pressure…

“Oh come on, guys…”
Nico Rosberg cannot hide his frustration after losing out to Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton by just 0.04s in the fight for pole. The German has been out-qualified 3-0 by Hamilton so far this season.

“Okay Carlos, no problem, stay calm. We are faster than the cars ahead of us. The race is long - we have 55 laps…”
The Toro Rosso pit wall does its best to reassure young charge Carlos Sainz after the Spaniard spins at Turn 2 on the second lap and drops to the back of the field.

“He’s left me open then cut me! He’s got to let me by.”
Disgruntlement at Red Bull as Daniel Ricciardo reacts to being held up by team mate Daniil Kvyat during the early stages of the race. The Russian, who was struggling for grip, had been asked to move out of the Australian’s way.

“I lost the gearbox. Something bad happened. Think something went really wrong there - big bang.”
Nico Hulkenberg gives a rather frank audio assessment of the issue that forced him into retirement just 10 laps into the race.

“No power. I’m on fire, on fire, on fire.” (Kvyat)
“Okay. Ignition P zero if you can. Jump out - jump from the chassis.” (Red Bull pit wall)

Red Bull put their emergency evacuation procedures into action after a rather smoky engine failure on Daniil Kvyat’s RB11 on lap 14.

“Lewis is driving very slowly, so get him to speed up. If I go closer, I destroy my tyres like in the first stint. That’s the problem.”
A grumpy Nico Rosberg complains to his engineer about being held up by team mate Lewis Hamilton. Things would get even more tense after the race…

“Pastor, do we need a front wing?”
Lotus make an inquisitive radio call to Pastor Maldonado after the Venezuelan spoils his race by running too deep on his way into the pits, nearly tagging the barriers in the process. Maldonado, running seventh at the time, replies: “No, no - I didn’t touch. Sorry about that.”

“Come on, get that McLaren out of the way.”
Some classic no nonsense dialogue from Kimi Raikkonen as he comes up to lap former team mate Fernando Alonso during his late race pursuit of current team mate Sebastian Vettel.

“Problem, problem! Aahhh man!”
Teenage sensation Max Verstappen is understandably gutted after being forced to park his Toro Rosso with drivetrain problems. The Dutchman was just three laps from what would have been a memorable and well-deserved eighth place finish.

“Great stuff Lewis, great stuff. Stellar weekend. That’s the full house.”
Lewis Hamilton’s race engineer Pete ‘Bono’ Bonnington congratulates the Briton on playing his cards right in Shanghai for his 35th career triumph.

“First race really for me, so good to bring the car home. We know soon we will have a little bit more fun…”
Ever the optimist, Fernando Alonso can already see brighter times ahead after reaching the chequered flag for the first time since returning to McLaren.

“Good job guys, good job. Not easy on the second stint but very pleased. For you - and a little bit for Jules. So thank you.”
Lotus’s Romain Grosjean dedicates his first points of the season to injured compatriot and friend Jules Bianchi.

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