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Vote for your favourite Canadian Grand Prix

01 Jun 2015

We've selected three of the best Canadian Grands Prix - now it's your turn. Watch the short highlights below and vote for your favourite using the appropriate hashtag on Twitter. We'll bring you a longer video of the most popular race ahead of this year's Grand Prix...

#CanadianGP99 - the infamous 'Wall of Champions'

A (then) record four safety-car deployments, three world champions making terminal errors, and the first race in F1 history to finish under SC conditions.

#CanadianGP07 - crunch time for Kubica

Lewis Hamilton scores his maiden F1 victory as Robert Kubica escapes serious injury in a frightening, high-speed shunt.

#CanadianGP11 - Button wins Montreal marathon

Drama all the way as Jenson Button tangles with his team mate, drops to the back of the pack, and then grabs the lead on the final lap of the longest race in F1 history.