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Say what? The best of race radio in Canada

09 Jun 2015

“Already I have big problems now, driving with this and looking like amateurs…” From Fernando Alonso’s choice put down to Sebastian Vettel’s fury, and from Daniel Ricciardo turning the airwaves blue to Kimi Raikkonen rejecting a ‘stupid rule’, we bring you the best sound bites from a hectic weekend in Montreal...

“Can you check the front-right corner? I touched with Alonso...” (Vettel to Ferrari on lap 19)

“I did not touch him” (Vettel to Ferrari on lap 44)

“There was no chance; we’d have collided” (Hulkenberg to Force India)
Sebastian Vettel elbows his way past Nico Hulkenberg in the final chicane, a move the Force India driver isn’t best pleased with - and one that he had earlier tried, and failed, to pull on McLaren’s Fernando Alonso.

“He hit me, he hit me. This is not possible.” (Grosjean)

“Grosjean hit me. He’s so stupid - he comes across in front of me every single time he overtakes. Where does he want me to go, off the track?” (Stevens)

“They block twice these guys. They need to learn something.” (Grosjean after the incident)
Vettel isn’t the only one in the wars. Romain Grosjean earns Will Stevens’ ire after misjudging his distances and swiping the front of the Marussia while trying to lap the Briton…

“If it was my fault with the Marussia I am very sorry. But the rule… the rule says the lapped car should leave the line.” incident he subsequently apologises for at the end of the race.

“I don’t want, I don’t want. Already I have big problems now, driving with this and looking like amateurs. So I’d like to race and then I will concentrate on fuel.”
Asked to save fuel by McLaren, Fernando Alonso - already slipping down the order - doesn’t pull his punches, insisting that he’d rather have fun while he still has others cars in sight.

“I have no power. Box, box. Nothing is working.”
Such maths prove academic, however, as Alonso suffers his third straight retirement - his worst run since entering Formula One racing with Minardi in 2001.

“Stop the car. It’s not fuel Marcus, we have a problem.”
Sauber also suffer glitches - but Marcus Ericsson has the good fortune of just making it to the chequered flag before being told to pull over.

“Sorry for the spin, but there was not much I could have done.” (Raikkonen)

“Sorry for the first pit stop. After that good recovery. Difficult to get more, but thank you - the car was fantastic.” (Vettel)
Raikkonen and Vettel, meanwhile, apologise at the end of the race - Raikkonen for a spin that costs him third, Vettel for a small pit error that still didn’t prevent him charging through to fifth.

“If there is a queue I can go past. I’m not waiting on the left because there is this stupid rule…” (Raikkonen on the way to the grid)

“These things you have to tell straight away. Be a bit more awake.” (Raikkonen during Q2)
The Finn is in good form otherwise, offering typically forthright views on how cars are instructed to join the circuit on Sunday, and on Ferrari’s strategy and communication during qualifying.

“Yes! Well done guys. Amazing work, really happy! Thank you guys. Many more to come.”
Valtteri Bottas is all smiles after picking up his first podium of 2015 on Sunday...

“Unbelievable. Impossible. I cannot believe it.” (Massa)

“#*@!” (Vettel) stark contrast to Williams team mate Felipe Massa, who suffers technical issues that see him eliminated - alongside Vettel - in Q1 on Saturday.

“I got **** all grip, just nothing.” (Ricciardo)

“I had a big shunt. The tyres were way too cold…” (Nasr)

“Massive loss of power, just like the ERS isn’t working. Uh oh, I think we have a bigger problem…I’ve just stopped the car.” (Button)
FP3 saw several drivers complain about a lack of grip. Felipe Nasr was the most notable casualty as he speared into the wall while weaving on the back straight, bringing out the first of two red flags - the second being caused by more technical gremlins for Jenson Button and McLaren.

“If you think it’s too dangerous you can box… caution, caution Turn 10, Lewis has gone straight on!” (Mercedes to Rosberg)

“Aquaplaned” (Hamilton)
As rain hits in FP2, Mercedes opt to send their drivers on cautious out-laps - but even as they warn Nico Rosberg to tread carefully, Lewis Hamilton is caught out and slides into the barriers at the hairpin.

“I don’t know if you boys can hear me. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work this weekend putting the car back together. I didn’t get to see you all individually, but I really appreciate it.”
Referring to the FP2 mistake, Hamilton thanks his Mercedes crew as the seconds tick down to the start of the race on Sunday - a Grand Prix he goes on to control from start to finish.