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Say what? The best of race radio in Hungary

28 Jul 2015

“Nico crossed over my line there.” From Lewis Hamilton’s optimistic protestations to Daniil Kvyat’s surprise character assassination of Marcus Ericsson, and from Romain Grosjean’s gripes with Max Verstappen to Sergio Perez’s breathless response to barrel rolling his car, we review the best sound bites from a truly pulsating weekend in Budapest...

[Heavy breathing] (Perez)

Checo, are you okay Checo? (Force India)

[More heavy breathing] “Yes, I’m okay man.” (Perez)

Relief all round as a breathless Sergio Perez gives his team the thumbs up following his gnarly barrel roll during FP1.

“These tyres are cooking out here.”

As track temperatures soar to 55 degrees Celsius during FP2, Lewis Hamilton can feel his tyres starting to pass the ‘well done’ stage…

“I think I was going too fast…”

Daniel Ricciardo offers a rather concise explanation for his spectacular engine blowout during FP2.

“Smoke, smoke, smoke, a lot of smoke. Oil.” (Kvyat)

“Pull over.” (Red Bull)

“No, no, a problem for someone else, Daniel. I am ok. (Kvyat)

“Ok, stay out.” (Red Bull)

Daniil Kvyat offers some vivid colour commentary of his team mate’s engine failure, giving his engineer a scare in the process.

“Traffic with Sauber, I mean the other one out of the box”

“Yep, that’s Ericsson out lap, option tyres. In theory you’re on a timed lap, he should let you through, keep pushing.” (Red Bull)

“Yeah, but he’s not a very nice guy…” (Kvyat)

Moments later an angry Kvyat crosses Marcus Ericsson off his Christmas card list after feeling the Swede had blocked him during FP2.

“Ok Fernando, we understand the issue, we are ok to keep running - it shouldn't affect us.”

McLaren confidently reassure Fernando Alonso that all is well with his Honda-powered machine, mere seconds before it grinds to a halt during qualifying…

“Ahhh ****, that was close!

An excited Ricciardo reacts to missing out on P3 on the grid by just 0.035s.

“I couldn't see the yellow line, I couldn't see, very difficult to see the yellow line.”

Felipe Massa does his best impression of someone negotiating with a traffic warden over a parking ticket as he tries to explain to Williams why he pulled up out of position at the start.  

“Nico crossed over my line there, pushed me wide.”

“Nico moved back on to… you know you’re only supposed to be able to move once.”

Keen to explain his calamitous first lap trip across the gravel, Lewis Hamilton points an accusing finger at Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg. The stewards do not concur with the world champion’s assessment…

“I got completely pushed by the Toro Rosso outside!”

“Okay, keep going, keep going. Do you have damage or not?... We don't see anything, everything okay at the moment?”

“I don't know.”

“Ok keep going then, keep going.”

“The guy needs to be careful!”

“Ok keep going Romain.”

Lotus do their best to calm Romain Grosjean after the Frenchman is riled by a tasty wheel-to-wheel battle with Toro Rosso’s Max Verstappen in the early stages of the race.

“Ok Dani, do not hold Ricciardo behind ok, do not hold Ricciardo behind.”
(Red Bull)

“Well I’m also stuck behind them.”

“Yeah understood, do not hold Ricciardo though Danii please, do not hold Ricciardo. Copy?”
(Red Bull)

“Well I do not, I am stuck behind Hulkenberg and trying to pass!”

Kvyat lets his feelings be known after being told to let team mate Ricciardo past in the early stages of the race.

“So Nico unless we can close the gap to Raikkonen we'll extend...” (Mercedes)

“Don't tell me again, don't tell me again, I'm trying!”

Nico Rosberg gets a bit snappy after being given the hurry up by engineer Tony Ross.

“Something broke at the front…”

Having been pitched into the tyre barriers at high-speed following a spectacular front wing failure, Nico Hulkenberg offers a no-nonsense assessment of what went wrong. Yeah, we could see that Nico…

“What is he doing, man? I gave him enough space.”

Force India’s Sergio Perez is not a happy bunny after being sideswiped by Pastor Maldonado at Turn 1.

“It doesn't get any better…”

Having already lost a camera mount from the front of his car, a resigned Kimi Raikkonen reacts to news that his MGU-K has now developed a problem.

“Ok Lewis so just some information, Ricciardo, the car behind, he's on option tyres so we just need to be wary on the restart. Kimi has an ERS problem so he should be an easy pass, otherwise we are racing for the win mate.” (Mercedes)

“How's Sebastian's pace been today?”

“Ok Lewis, at your best you had nine tenths on him.”

Running fourth at the safety car re-start, Lewis Hamilton already has his sights set on race leader Sebastian Vettel, though perhaps he should have been paying closer attention to Daniel Ricciardo behind…

“I think I’ve got some damage. I’ll keep going but Hamilton hit me pretty hard.”

“I just had no front end on the...just understeered into him.” (Hamilton)

Ricciardo and Hamilton feedback to their respective teams after their dramatic coming together at Turn 1, just after the safety car re-start.

“Yes Sebastian, yes! P1, another flag in Maranello! Well done.” (Ferrari)

“Grazie. Forza Ferrari et merci Jules - cette victoire est pour toi. You will always be in our hearts. We know that sooner or later Jules would have been a part of this team. Grazie guys.”

“Well done Dani, you know what a podium means, so great job today and it's the kind of race that I think Bianchi would have enjoyed, so I'm sure you'll be thinking about him.” (Christian Horner)

“Yes, absolutely - it's for Jules and for the family first of all.” (Kvyat)

“Everyone had a crack today but (we were) nice and resilient. That one was for Jules.” (Ricciardo)

In a poignant show of emotion, the top three finishers all dedicate their results to their dearly departed colleague Jules Bianchi.

“Well done Max you have done it. P4 very good job.” (Toro Rosso)

“Thank you very much, unbelievable, I didn't expect this at all but, unbelievable!” (Verstappen)

[Whooping from Grosjean]

“Well done mate, well done. That was ******* hard, well done.”

“How did we end up P7 after that start and the farcical penalty? Good job, good strategy.”

Earlier confrontation forgotten, Max Verstappen and Romain Grosjean come across completely gobsmacked after crossing the line in fourth and seventh positions respectively.