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Say what? The best of race radio in Japan

29 Sep 2015

"They pass me on the straights like in GP2. It is embarrassing..." Fernando Alonso's frustrations may have grabbed the headlines at Suzuka, but he wasn't the only driver making waves. From Daniil Kvyat's struggles to why it almost got very 'tasty' for his Red Bull team mate Daniel Ricciardo, we bring you the best soundbites from the 2015 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix...

"Turn 11 there is a big crash, so be careful." (Lotus to Grosjean)
"Okay, driver okay?"
Red Bull's Daniil Kvyat hits the barriers hard at the end of Q3, bringing qualifying to an early end - and prompting instant concern from all those on track, including Lotus's Romain Grosjean

"If you can still hear me, what happened there mate?" (Red Bull to Kvyat)
"I clipped the grass on entry… to straighten the car. I'm okay."
Kvyat is thankfully unscathed, and able to walk away from his wrecked RB11.

"Can I box this lap? It's pointless to risk anything…" (Raikkonen in FP2)
"Do NOT take any risks. There's a lot of standing water…" (Lotus to Maldonado, FP1)
One day earlier, and drivers were being warned not to push too hard given the treacherous wet conditions.

"Let me know if you want to continue - if it's safe." (Williams to Bottas)
"It's terrible. Box."
Valtteri Bottas got right to the point in FP2, meanwhile, calling an early halt to his run.

"I cannot see [the front wing]. I go very, very slow - I cannot even turn."
Come Sunday, it is the turn of Felipe Massa to struggle after the lightest of contact with Ricciardo leads to damage on the opening lap.

"I have a puncture…" (Ricciardo)
"I've got damage, damage on the rear. Is it okay to continue?" (Perez)
Ricciardo's Red Bull is also damaged by the collision - while further back Sergio Perez also has issues after being tapped by Carlos Sainz at Turn 1.

"Very low grip - understeer, oversteer, very poor traction."
Over at McLaren, Jenson Button has a detailed list of complaints in the early stages of the race.

"Balance is okay, but it is like driving on ice. They pass me on the straights like in GP2. It is embarrassing, very embarrassing… I do my best…"
"GP2 engine, GP2. Aaargh!"
"What drivers we are racing with. Unbelievable."

Fernando Alonso doesn't exactly hold back as he offers his own take on McLaren's performance.

"Dani, Multi 10 position 9, urgent. Now." (Red Bull to Kvyat)
"I am, I am... it doesn't work." (Kvyat in response)
"I just can't use these brakes. These tyres are shot, lets box."
"Can I ******* use the overtake button or not?"
Kvyat is also fired up, as reliability concerns force Red Bull to take a conservative approach - and leave him struggling to work his way up the field.

"Okay! Finally!"
The Russian eventually passes Sauber's Marcus Ericsson, however, with a bit of opportunistic brilliance as Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen comes round to lap both men.

"Really important this lap. Box - do the opposite of Vettel." (Mercedes to Rosberg)
"He jumped us, he jumped us…" (Vettel)
Nico Rosberg is also to capitalise on opportunity, working the undercut perfectly to seize second from Sebastian Vettel's grasp.

"I tried everything - the tyres were on the limit, no more I could have done. Ideally we should have pitted a lap earlier, but ah, you're always a little bit smarter afterwards."
Post-race, and Vettel is still analysing his in-lap and whether he could have done anything to keep Rosberg at bay.

"Six laps to go. It's going to get tasty ahead." (Red Bull to Ricciardo)
"We were a bit lucky with Ricciardo launching at us." (Sauber to Ericsson at the flag)
"Yeah I saw that in my mirrors. Could have been a big one!" (Ericsson)
Ricciardo closes rapidly on Ericsson in the closing stages of the race, but the Swede is able to resist a signature last-gasp lunge from the Australian.

"Push to attack Bottas, to destroy his tyres… good job!" (Mercedes to Nico Rosberg)
Mercedes hatch a plan to get by Valtteri Bottas - but Nico Rosberg doesn't hang about, pulling off an excellent move under braking for the chicane.

"I think that was not a bad race from P17!"
Max Verstappen is another making moves, a stunning performance taking him and his Toro Rosso all the way to ninth at the flag.

"Well done Romain. Both cars in the points - it's important for the team."
The beleaguered Lotus team also have cause to celebrate, as Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado book top-eight finishes.

"I was like a sitting duck." (Kvyat)
"Obviously we had no way of holding those cars back at all. If they can overtake me into 130R… I mean a big, big difference. Tough weekend guys, but more experience." (Button)
At the other end of the scale, Kvyat and Button are distinctly underwhelmed at the chequered flag.

"Ahh this is probably the best lap I did around here. I cannot do much more than this."
It is Fernando Alonso, though, who perhaps best sums up McLaren's weekend, as a career-best lap in qualifying is only enough for 14th on the grid.